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 books  software    weblog  email links exists for one primary reason - to sell my books. That said, I've also included some information on this site for those misguided individuals who may wish to buy books by other authors, by reviewing the best online bookstores in the UK and the best online bookstores in the US. New web users will find this information invaluable for choosing the right bookstore for their individual needs.
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The Net-Works Guide to Marketing Your Website

Learn how to market your business in the most effective way possible - by giving your customers exactly want they want and letting them find you. Includes all of the search engine and directory 'secrets', plus a few ideas that you may not have thought of.

Erm, and it's got a really nice cover...

"It may well have one of the most horrid, cheapo covers around, but this book definitely delivers on content!" - Mike Slocombe,

"An exquisitely crafted volume of marketing know-how... Have to agree about the cover though - euh." - Sam Michel,

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Learn or teach touch typing with Touchtypers

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